The Best Legal Hallucinogens

Legal hallucinogens are becoming more popular, as people look for an alternate way to alter their realities. A hallucinogen, which is legal, usually is made of all natural herbs or plants. The best natural way to experience hallucinations tends to be Salvia Divinorum, it is a plant, which is usually smoked. Some hallucinogens on the legal market come in pill form and are a mixture of several herbs. It is advised that a person not operate a vehicle and have a sitter, while they experience the hallucinogen.

Most people state that they have doubts prior to smoking Salvia Divinorum, but after the first use the doubts disappear. This plant is available for purchase online, and has definite mind-altering effects. The experience usually lasts between an hour and four hours, depending on how much is used and an individuals body. The real experience depends on who uses it, but something usually happens to everyone who smokes it or chews it. If smoked the effects then to be stronger and last less time than if it is chewed.

Legal pills are available on the Internet and are usually purchased as party pills. Although, it is advised that legal hallucinogens be used in ones home, or a limited social environment, many don’t. Pills are usually a mixture of ingredients, such as ginseng and Hawaiian baby woodrose. These pills are usually not as potent as the straight plant, but do produce a mind-altering experience.

Legal hallucinogens are a way to alter ones mind for a short or extended period of time. Salvia Divinorum is said to be the closest legal alternative to LSD, an illegal hallucinogen. Pills taken at parties or raves are usually a safer alternative than Salvia Divinorum, which is stronger when smoked. All hallucinogens are considered dangerous, especially when used for the first time. It is wise for people who use these legal drugs to have someone watch over them until they are back to normal. Athough, the herbs and plants used are usually not dangerous, they are able to put someone into dangerous situations, therefore operating any machinery is a bad idea. Some hallucinogens are said to bring people peace, because they allow a mind to experience another reality, this usually depends on the strength of the drug and what is used. A euphoric state is said to be experience by only a few who take hallucinogenic pills, but many who smoked Salvia Divinorum.

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