Legal Ways To Get High

Typically it is quite often to encounter drug abusers to seek out cheap and legal ways to get high when either not being able to afford illegal substances, or not wanting to take the chance of getting caught abusing an illegal substance. There are many internet websites online which claim to know legal ways of getting high but they do not educated the users on the adverse effects and harmful possible outcomes of using the substances in large proportions.

What is one of the most dangerous legal ways to get high?

Nutmeg, the common spice found in about every kitchen has a very dangerous side to its normal use of simply adding flavor and bringing out food properly.

It has a similar chemical makeup as the known drug ecstasy. Nutmeg can cause a wide variety of symptoms which are commonly associated with feeling high. But nutmeg can also have extremely dangerous life threatening side effects when being used for this purpose.

How does this get someone legally high?

Nutmeg is a substance which triggers many different odd symptoms. Through internet research and many personal write ups from people who have abused nutmeg in the past the following can be clarified as common symptoms caused by abuse of nutmeg.

The most common symptom from this spice is feeling heavy, weak, and rather “floaty.” It gives people a sense of excess weight holding down their body and less control over normal commonly needed bodily functions. Some examples are loss of direction, inability or unwillingness to walk, and a weak fuzzy tingly sensation.

Psychologically it causes delirium, hallucinations, and either overactive or unprocessed thoughts. Many users have claimed to be able to see colors, be incapable of problem solving, and have intense sensations of indecisiveness. People abusing nutmeg often are silent and seem incapable of processing conversations and actions around them. They feel as though they are not paying attention to anything at all, and the people around them claim they seem to be focusing too hard and unable to process anything going out outside the range of focus. Other less common side effects claimed are feelings of memory loss instantaneous, such as a the user doing something, then forgetting directly after that they had ever done it.

How does this legal high work?

Typically the average usage is taking one teaspoon of nutmeg then the substance lies dormant for about 6 to 8 hours. When it kicks in it can last anywhere from one day to three days severely affecting a persons job and lifestyle. We also found that many users in event that nutmeg takes so long to kick in will actually take even more then the borderline safe amount, some even straight eat the nuts guessing as to the exact quantity in which they are consuming which is extremely heightening the dangers in using nutmeg.

What can nutmeg do to hurt you?

Other then the relatively high effects, the adverse effects is the reason as to why no one should actually abuse nutmeg. Nutmeg when taken with the user recommended amount before overdosing will cause severe stomach pain, nausea, fever, feelings of being short of breathe, and much more. Being nutmeg can effect the system for up to three days after taking what seemed like it sounded like a good high will turn into 3 days of severely flue like symptoms and constipation.

When overtaking nutmeg you risk death, convulsions, sense of impending death, and extreme agitation, people who abuse nutmeg can experience anger on such levels they have been known to attack others then forget this occurrence had ever happened. It is a legal way to get high, but like all the mind altering ways, it has serious side-effects and should not be used.

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