Herbal Ecstasy

Herbal ecstasy is a party pill that was manufactured to be a safe and legal alternative to the illegal street drug Ecstacy. This pill is a all natural pill that contains caffeine, B vitamins, black pepper extract, free form amino acids, and other all natural ingredients. The benefit to this type of pill is the fact that it is legal to have and use in all countries, has no notable harmful side effects, and can be taken without a fear of dehydration which is common when using the illegal counterpart. When using this pill, it should be noted that none of the statements made about any of the products that claim to be all natural have been approved by any type of safety regulation agency, and cannot be guaranteed.

Using the party pill called Herbal Ecstasy can be a great alternative to using the illegal street drug. Looking at the benefits of this option, some points come up that have never been addressed before. The first and foremost is the issue of dehydration when using the illegal version. When mixed with any type of alcohol, the street drug has powerful chemicals in it that make your body very dehydrated, and has caused death in some cases. The Herbal Ecstasy not only does not have these harmful chemicals in it, but when taken with two glasses of water gives you a euphoric feeling for up to six hours without disruption.

This brings up the next point of the effect of the herbal pill. It is quite obvious from looking at the ingredients that it will not give you the same kind of “high” as the illegal counterpart would. In the same aspect though, this type of party pill will give you a good “buzz” for around six hours, and also lacks the horrible side effects associated with the illegal version. One of the only warnings that does come from most manufacturers is that the pill should not be taken while pregnant or nursing due to the higher levels of caffeine present in the product.

Another long lasting good effect of using this party pill instead of the illegal version is just that, it is legal in all countries, and all states. This mean that while using or carrying this product you will not have the legal issues related to carrying a illegal drug in your possession. This will give you the opportunity to have a good time at the place of your choosing without having to constantly look over your shoulder wondering if you will be arrested for carrying a illegal substance in your pocket.

As with everything in this troubling economy, price is a immediate concern for all parry goers. While the price of a unit of the illegal version of this product will go for anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars on the street, you will only pay around two dollars per dose from the manufacturer, and this will be shipped to you discreetly in a brown paper wrapped package with no distinguishing marks.

Overall, herbal ecstasy can be a good alternative to purchasing the street version and a legal high, and if you are still into the partying scene, the price of one possession of a illegal substance, could be costly to all concerned, and the savings per dose will pay for themselves in the end.

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5 Responses to “Herbal Ecstasy”

  1. leon the lion Says:

    I heard this old thritys trick to get high on juicy fruit gum and bananas you cut a slit in a banana and then you slip a piece of juicy fruit in it and let it ripe alot then you take out the juicy fruit stick and you cut it in three(or what ever) and you eat it, supose to be a mescaline like buzz. any truth to this method??

  2. Matt Says:

    do you know if the stuff on sites like http://www.legal-ecstasy.com works?

  3. 5 iai Says:

    Yes they do. Take a look on herbal highs and bluelight forums. They seem to have people who know there stuff.

  4. Elia Roell Says:

    what about some photo’s?

  5. Rubber_Man_RM@yahoo.com Says:

    Well i,ve heard that you can get high off of bannanas by takeing a bannana pill after eating the inside take the outside let it dry then take it and cut into small pices then set it on youer pipe

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