Legal buds are available and effective!

In this era of “the war on drugs”, it is not always easy or economically feasible to partake in the real deal. In some areas of the United States, the possession of one marijuana seed or stem can cost you a hefty fine and seven days in jail. Therefore, it’s sometimes easier to just keep it legal.
Today, a quick internet search can yield a variety of products to use as alternatives. Legal buds are available at about the same going rate as marijuana in some areas of the country but much lower than real weed prices in other areas. Each company has their own blends with catchy names and a little information about the type of smoking experience that can be expected with its use. Some companies even give the ingredients of the particular smoke. Legal buds come in a variety of flavors and ingredients. Some are sold as buds and others are a hashlike solid brick sold in the same quantities as the herb.

Some examples include Orange Krush Bud that grows wild in the Peruvian jungle and other tropical locations. It shows a picture of the product and describes it as potent. The prices range from $47.99 for one ounce to one pound for $289. Dutch Greeen Bud is another variety described as “huge sticky bright green buds with a super taste and potent smell.” The ingredients on this one are: poppy flowers, chesteya bud, hybrid strains of wild dagga buds, and flowers and Leonurus Sibiricus extract. Other products include Blueberry Herbal Hybrid Buds which is described as a “potent, sweet-smelling, super-relaxing smoke” with wild dagga, wild hops, Leonurus Sibiricus herb and wild lettuce. Other herbs listed as ingredients in these smoking blends include: Mexican damiana, artemesia vulgaris, passion vine, lavender, sage, spearmint, lactuca virosa, tagetes, artemesia absinthium, and mentha.

The herbal components of many of these legal buds have been used by native peoples from all over the world for centuries. For example. wild lettuce is listed as an ingredient in several varieties. Wild lettuce is lactuca virosa and contains several chemicals that cause a mild sedative effect and acts as a cough suppressant. Another popular additive is kava kava, which is a member of the pepper family, is used by natives in Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia in rituals to invoke ancestral spirits. It is known to produce feelings of peace and harmony and in very large doses is very sedative and euphoric.

The additives are often well-known herbs that are blended to produce a particular feeling. One product included artemesia absinthium, also known as wormwood, is the main chemical in absinth which is now back in use after years of being banned.

Legal buds are out there you just have to look. Most of the product websites provide reviews for the buyers to prove if they truly are as effective as the real thing. Good luck in finding the perfect legal bud. Happy smoking!

The Best Legal Hallucinogens

Legal hallucinogens are becoming more popular, as people look for an alternate way to alter their realities. A hallucinogen, which is legal, usually is made of all natural herbs or plants. The best natural way to experience hallucinations tends to be Salvia Divinorum, it is a plant, which is usually smoked. Some hallucinogens on the legal market come in pill form and are a mixture of several herbs. It is advised that a person not operate a vehicle and have a sitter, while they experience the hallucinogen.

Most people state that they have doubts prior to smoking Salvia Divinorum, but after the first use the doubts disappear. This plant is available for purchase online, and has definite mind-altering effects. The experience usually lasts between an hour and four hours, depending on how much is used and an individuals body. The real experience depends on who uses it, but something usually happens to everyone who smokes it or chews it. If smoked the effects then to be stronger and last less time than if it is chewed.

Legal pills are available on the Internet and are usually purchased as party pills. Although, it is advised that legal hallucinogens be used in ones home, or a limited social environment, many don’t. Pills are usually a mixture of ingredients, such as ginseng and Hawaiian baby woodrose. These pills are usually not as potent as the straight plant, but do produce a mind-altering experience.

Legal hallucinogens are a way to alter ones mind for a short or extended period of time. Salvia Divinorum is said to be the closest legal alternative to LSD, an illegal hallucinogen. Pills taken at parties or raves are usually a safer alternative than Salvia Divinorum, which is stronger when smoked. All hallucinogens are considered dangerous, especially when used for the first time. It is wise for people who use these legal drugs to have someone watch over them until they are back to normal. Athough, the herbs and plants used are usually not dangerous, they are able to put someone into dangerous situations, therefore operating any machinery is a bad idea. Some hallucinogens are said to bring people peace, because they allow a mind to experience another reality, this usually depends on the strength of the drug and what is used. A euphoric state is said to be experience by only a few who take hallucinogenic pills, but many who smoked Salvia Divinorum.

Your Options for Legal Highs

When you are searching for legal highs, there are many options available. Many items are found on the internet, though the high-quality legal pills or legal bud, is usually higher priced. There are just as many things that are legal to get you high, made with natural herbs, as there are that aren’t legal. If you want to feel sexy, high or relaxed, you can find products to do all of these things legally. Many herbal, legal options are used to stop a bad habit. Ecstasy cigarettes are a great product for those who want the high of smoking, without the bad chemicals in them.

Herbal ecstasy are usually all natural herbs combines and tested to give you a high. Some are specifically for raising libido, while others, usually called party pills, are for having a good time being the life of the party. Legal ecstasy is one of the easiest legal highs to get, and is usually well worth the money spent. A legal hallucinogen is great for people who go to raves and want more of a mind bender and less of the love factor.

Legal hallucinogens are usually made of caffeine, and herbs like ginseng and argyreia nervosa. Make sure to check the bottle or the website you purchase them from to see if you can mix them with alcohol. These, just as many legal highs should not be taken if you are going to need to drive.

There is a huge variety of legal bud on the market, that is smoked or used in a bong. There are pre-made cigarettes with legal herbs in them as well. These products are usually all made to get someone relaxed “high”, rather than stimulated. The legal bud varieties are popular among those who want to smoke, but don’t want to risk the consequences.

Legal highs are usually safe to use, because they are made from herbs and not harmful chemicals. You should always read a product label to make sure you know what you are putting in your body. Generally, just because something says it is legal, that doesn’t mean it won’t impair you. You should always be save mixing herbs together or herbs and alcohol. If taken for parties or to relax these legal ways to get high are a nice addition to the fun and usually make any inhibitions go away. Legal is the best way to go for that extra boost or to have awesome experiences.

Legal Ways To Get High

Typically it is quite often to encounter drug abusers to seek out cheap and legal ways to get high when either not being able to afford illegal substances, or not wanting to take the chance of getting caught abusing an illegal substance. There are many internet websites online which claim to know legal ways of getting high but they do not educated the users on the adverse effects and harmful possible outcomes of using the substances in large proportions.

What is one of the most dangerous legal ways to get high?

Nutmeg, the common spice found in about every kitchen has a very dangerous side to its normal use of simply adding flavor and bringing out food properly.

It has a similar chemical makeup as the known drug ecstasy. Nutmeg can cause a wide variety of symptoms which are commonly associated with feeling high. But nutmeg can also have extremely dangerous life threatening side effects when being used for this purpose.

How does this get someone legally high?

Nutmeg is a substance which triggers many different odd symptoms. Through internet research and many personal write ups from people who have abused nutmeg in the past the following can be clarified as common symptoms caused by abuse of nutmeg.

The most common symptom from this spice is feeling heavy, weak, and rather “floaty.” It gives people a sense of excess weight holding down their body and less control over normal commonly needed bodily functions. Some examples are loss of direction, inability or unwillingness to walk, and a weak fuzzy tingly sensation.

Psychologically it causes delirium, hallucinations, and either overactive or unprocessed thoughts. Many users have claimed to be able to see colors, be incapable of problem solving, and have intense sensations of indecisiveness. People abusing nutmeg often are silent and seem incapable of processing conversations and actions around them. They feel as though they are not paying attention to anything at all, and the people around them claim they seem to be focusing too hard and unable to process anything going out outside the range of focus. Other less common side effects claimed are feelings of memory loss instantaneous, such as a the user doing something, then forgetting directly after that they had ever done it.

How does this legal high work?

Typically the average usage is taking one teaspoon of nutmeg then the substance lies dormant for about 6 to 8 hours. When it kicks in it can last anywhere from one day to three days severely affecting a persons job and lifestyle. We also found that many users in event that nutmeg takes so long to kick in will actually take even more then the borderline safe amount, some even straight eat the nuts guessing as to the exact quantity in which they are consuming which is extremely heightening the dangers in using nutmeg.

What can nutmeg do to hurt you?

Other then the relatively high effects, the adverse effects is the reason as to why no one should actually abuse nutmeg. Nutmeg when taken with the user recommended amount before overdosing will cause severe stomach pain, nausea, fever, feelings of being short of breathe, and much more. Being nutmeg can effect the system for up to three days after taking what seemed like it sounded like a good high will turn into 3 days of severely flue like symptoms and constipation.

When overtaking nutmeg you risk death, convulsions, sense of impending death, and extreme agitation, people who abuse nutmeg can experience anger on such levels they have been known to attack others then forget this occurrence had ever happened. It is a legal way to get high, but like all the mind altering ways, it has serious side-effects and should not be used.

Herbal Ecstasy

Herbal ecstasy is a party pill that was manufactured to be a safe and legal alternative to the illegal street drug Ecstacy. This pill is a all natural pill that contains caffeine, B vitamins, black pepper extract, free form amino acids, and other all natural ingredients. The benefit to this type of pill is the fact that it is legal to have and use in all countries, has no notable harmful side effects, and can be taken without a fear of dehydration which is common when using the illegal counterpart. When using this pill, it should be noted that none of the statements made about any of the products that claim to be all natural have been approved by any type of safety regulation agency, and cannot be guaranteed.

Using the party pill called Herbal Ecstasy can be a great alternative to using the illegal street drug. Looking at the benefits of this option, some points come up that have never been addressed before. The first and foremost is the issue of dehydration when using the illegal version. When mixed with any type of alcohol, the street drug has powerful chemicals in it that make your body very dehydrated, and has caused death in some cases. The Herbal Ecstasy not only does not have these harmful chemicals in it, but when taken with two glasses of water gives you a euphoric feeling for up to six hours without disruption.

This brings up the next point of the effect of the herbal pill. It is quite obvious from looking at the ingredients that it will not give you the same kind of “high” as the illegal counterpart would. In the same aspect though, this type of party pill will give you a good “buzz” for around six hours, and also lacks the horrible side effects associated with the illegal version. One of the only warnings that does come from most manufacturers is that the pill should not be taken while pregnant or nursing due to the higher levels of caffeine present in the product.

Another long lasting good effect of using this party pill instead of the illegal version is just that, it is legal in all countries, and all states. This mean that while using or carrying this product you will not have the legal issues related to carrying a illegal drug in your possession. This will give you the opportunity to have a good time at the place of your choosing without having to constantly look over your shoulder wondering if you will be arrested for carrying a illegal substance in your pocket.

As with everything in this troubling economy, price is a immediate concern for all parry goers. While the price of a unit of the illegal version of this product will go for anywhere from thirty to fifty dollars on the street, you will only pay around two dollars per dose from the manufacturer, and this will be shipped to you discreetly in a brown paper wrapped package with no distinguishing marks.

Overall, herbal ecstasy can be a good alternative to purchasing the street version and a legal high, and if you are still into the partying scene, the price of one possession of a illegal substance, could be costly to all concerned, and the savings per dose will pay for themselves in the end.